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Global Exchange Currency Supplier

Global Exchange is the second largest currency supplier in the world in its area of expertise, which is airport currency exchange.

Compare rates at 80 currency stores in 34 cities

It is currently present in international airports in 23 countries with high-quality and spectacular illuminated offices. Its currency exchange service is very careful. It is provided in various languages across long time slots, practically whenever there are international flights at that airport.

They are also specialists with some 70 world currencies traded at Spanish airports. And they are from here, from Salamanca. Any flaws? Their rates are quite expensive.

Logo de Global Exchange 2022

Global Exchange logo

World presence

Global Exchange is present in the airports of 23 countries around the world.

Compare rates at 80 currency stores in 34 cities

If you ever change currency at an airport in Spain, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or Turkey, it will be with them. The same if you go to Morocco, Jordan, Australia, Hong Kong or if you visit a South or Central American country. They are everywhere.

Oficinas de cambio Global Exchange en el mundo

Global Exchange branches around the world

The essence of their currency exchange model is to offer quality in all its facets, material and human. With this, they seek to win the tenders that the managers of international airports around the world put out to tender from time to time to manage the currency exchange service at their facilities.

We are talking about airports with between 20 and 100 million passengers per year, so to take an “account” of this caliber, you have to offer an impeccable service and presence.

In return, the airport manager requires these companies a very significant economic contribution, which obliges them to provide, except for some honorable exception in countries with rates limited by the State, a currency exchange service at very, very high rates.

Keep this in mind and our advice is to avoid changing at an airport. And if you have no other choice, do it with a small amount if you do not want to lose much value to your currency and give it away to others.

Presence in Spain

In Spain, Global Exchange has exchange offices in the following locations:

  • Madrid-Barajas Airport, Adolfo Suárez: Terminals T1, T2 and T4
  • Barcelona El Prat Airport: terminals 1 and 2
  • Malaga airport
  • Alicante airport
  • Tenerife South Airport
  • Salamanca center
  • Barcelona center
  • Granada center
  • Palma de Mallorca center
  • Madrid center

What do their offices look like?

The offices of this currency supplier are spectacular in appearance.

Take a look at the image below. It shows that there are means and care wherever you look. This is what the owner of an airport requires to open its doors to you for several years and allow you to operate with its millions of passengers in transit.

This is what a currency exchange office looks like in T4 (boarding area of T4 in Madrid).

Oficinas de Global Exchange T4 mostradores de Iberia

Global Exchange T4 office

Global Exchange website

On the Internet, Global Exchange is the forerunner in Spain of electronic commerce in its currency exchange category.

It has a fairly powerful and well-made website (although quite outdated) that allows you to make purchases with home delivery or reservations with collection and payment at their offices. In this sense, it is similar in design and functionality to the Exact Change website, another supplier similar in model and rates to Global Exchange.

Another strong point is that if you order on the web they do not charge you a commission. Nor in the offices of Spain, that we know of. Of course, they charge you a fixed margin that varies by currency, which is applied to the wholesale exchange rate of each currency, which varies daily.

The exchange rate is not as high as at the airport but much less competitive than if you take a look at the currency exchange suppliers that do collaborate with Cambiator, providing their daily exchange rates.

Buy online with home delivery

In its online store (www.globalexchange.es) you can request up to 70 types of foreign currency and receive it at home or withdraw it from a Post Office branch in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

In this modality, if you order 300 euros or more, you do not pay shipping costs (9.95 euros). You must be a resident with a valid DNI or NIE and available in digital format (jpg, pdf, etc.), since you will have to upload it when you order currency. Payment is online with VISA or MasterCard or by transfer.

Online reservations with office pickup

Also, if you are short of time you can make a currency reservation online, indicating the office at the airport or in Madrid, Granada, Salamanca, or Palma, where you will collect your currencies (you can do this online with a small discount if you collect in El Prat, and without a discount if you do it in T4 in Madrid).

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Estados Unidos

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Web de Global Exchange 2022

Web de Global Exchange 2022

Collaboration with ING Bank in Spain

Thanks to a collaboration agreement between the ING bank and this supplier, the bank’s customers can buy currency online at somewhat cheaper rates than the rest of the company’s users (see comparison below).

And receive it at home comfortably between 24 and 48 hours. The purchase process is done in a secure environment (https) and secure payment reserved for holders of ING cards and accounts.

Global Exchange rates

The main weak point of this currency supplier is its very high rates. Nothing to do with those of the 8 suppliers that collaborate with Cambiator.

It is the cost of offering an airport model where, in addition to your operating expenses, you have to pay a high annual fee to the airport administrator for being there, and for all the flow of travelers that it makes available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Global Exchange´s rates at the aiport are too high

Global Exchange´s rates at the aiport are too high

As shown by the purchase prices today in US dollars.

If you wanted to buy 1000 euros to dollars in Spain at the date of this post, these would be the Global Exchange rates compared to those of the suppliers that collaborate with Cambiator.

Below you will understand why this company does not want to collaborate with us by facilitating rate comparison, currency by currency.

Casa de cambio / Lugar Cambio EUR USD (24 04 2023) Por 1.000 euros tienes (USD)
Global Exchange Barcelona El Prat 0,883025 883 USD
Global Exchange Madrid Barajas T1-T2-T3 0,883025 883 USD
Global Exchange aeropuerto Málaga 0,883025 883 USD
Global Exchange aeropuerto Alicante 0,883025 883 USD
Global Exchange Madrid Barajas T4 0,914440 914 USD
Global Exchange envío a domicilio 1,014418 1.014 USD
Global Exchange clientes de ING 1,027715 1,027 USD
Cambiator (Nova Câmbios) 1,08500 1.085 USD

As you can see, the difference between being careless with your currency exchange (leaving it for the last day at the airport of departure) or looking a bit and making your euros worth, today is called 1,085 – 883 euros = 202 dollars more or more less.

For this reason, we always recommend that you make a previous comparison of the exchange rates in Cambiator, before deciding on a specific currency supplier. And of course, except in cases of extreme necessity, do not change currency at the airport.

Are these expensive rates?

Well, it will depend on who says it and how urgently you need the currency. But of course, since foreign currency is a commodity, no user would rationally pay more for the same thing if they can find it cheaper, convenience of having many currencies, every day at your disposal, aside.

And that’s why Cambiator’s motto is “A dollar is a dollar, why pay more for the same thing?”.

Un dólar es un dólar

Un dólar es un dólar

Global Exchange reviews

Opinions on Global Exchange vary greatly depending on what is valued.

If you value the quality of care, the time availability, the security of changing in the airport passenger area or that they speak to you in your language (several languages), it would probably be 10. And if you valued the price, it would probably be very negative.

According to the Global website, its online users are happy (only 4 opinions appear on its website, undated, all of them 5 stars):

Opiniones Global Exchange extraídas de su web

Opinions on Global Exchange´s website

Now, as you have seen above, 202 dollars more in a currency exchange of 1000 euros, just for being cautious and choosing the right place is a fortune. And that’s what makes Google, the opinions of Global Exchange are not good.

Of 100 opinions in Global Exchange Madrid airport, as of April 24, 2023, it has an average of 1.7 stars out of 5 possible.

Global Exchange reviews at Madrid airports (April 2023)

Global Exchange reviews at Madrid airports (April 2023)

Global Exchange does not collaborate with Cambiator. It does not provide its daily rates to be part of our comparison grid. This post was first published on September 17, 2019 and has been updated on April 24, 2023.

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Estados Unidos

Dólar americano, USD

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Selecciona una provincia

Estados Unidos

Dólar americano, USD


Choose your city

Selecciona una provincia

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1 EUR = 23.031 CZK
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