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Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct

0 Commission
Beat your bank´s rates
  • Euro to any currency transfers around the world
  • Get a budget for free in 15 minutes
  • Improve your bank´s transfer rates
24 hours
How it works
  • Select currency and destination country
  • Get CDs bank-beating rate for your transfer (15 min)
  • Wire your money to Currencies Direct
  • They get it sent to destination account same-day*
*Payments before 11:30 pm working days.
  • CD is licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (similar to Spain´s CNMV)
  • Maximum credit score by Dun & Brasdtreet (lower risk)
  • 250.000 transfer customers since 1996.
  • 6.500 million pounds transferred last 12 months.
  • Be 18 year old
  • Have a Spanish account in Euros
  • A destination bank account to transfer the money to


Transparent fee
Beat your bank`s offered rate
  • 49 currencies
  • Exchange rate guaranteed 48 hours
  • Ultra-fast currency bank transfers
  • For individuals and companies
How it works
  • Select currency and destination country for your transfer
  • Get a competitive rate
  • Transparency: you will know the commission in advance
  • Inmediate: your money is dealt with instantly
  • Transfewirse is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • 4 Millions foreign currency transfers.
  • 3.000 Million pounds transferred previous month.
  • Price comparison grid with other transfer suppliers
  • Be 18 year old or above*
  • Have a Spanish euro account with enough funds
  • A destination account to transfer the funds, in another currency
  • A mobile phone number
*For anti-money laudering requirements you might be asked to provide an ID card.