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Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct

Our rating
0 Commission. No maintenance fees
Beat your bank´s rates
  • Global currency transfers
  • Get a free quote in 15 minutes
  • Improve your bank´s transfer rates
  • Multiple currency wallets available
  • Currency accounts for Online sellers (Amazon)
  • Batch payments functionality
24 hours

Currencies Direct is a UK based company with 16 physical branches across Spain. Currencies Direct is authorised by Bank of Spain and enables you to issue currency transfers in more tan 60 currencies in a simple, reliable and swift way. Introduce the amount to transfer to another currency account and they will suggest a better exchange rate than your traditional Bank with no maintance or transfer fees More details

How it works
  • Select your currency of origin and destination
  • Get your tranfer live exchange rate
  • Wire your money to Currencies Direct
  • Send your funds to your Currencies Direct account. Upon receiving them they will be sent to destination straightaway*
*Payments before 11:30 pm working days.
Key facts
  • Authorised by the Financial Conduct authority (Registration number 900669) and by the Bank of Spain (Registration number 6711)
  • Maximum credit score by Dun & Brasdtreet (Level 1)
  • Personal account manager
  • 250.000 transfer customers since 1996.
  • 6.500 million pounds transferred last 12 months.
  • Be 18 year old or above
  • Must have an originating bank account and a destination bank account


Our rating
Transparent fee
Beat your bank`s offered rate
  • 49 currencies
  • Exchange rate guaranteed 48 hours
  • Ultra-fast currency bank transfers
  • For individuals and companies

Transferwise is a UK based financial services company authorised by the FCA. It was founded by two Estonians who lived in London and needed to send money to Estonia. Given the high costs and delays of high street banks, they decided that there had to be a different way to make foreign currency transfers. And they found it. More details

How it works
  • Select currency and destination country for your transfer
  • Get a competitive rate
  • Transparency: you will know the commission in advance
  • Inmediate: your money is dealt with instantly
  • Transfewirse is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK)
  • 4 Millions foreign currency transfers.
  • 3.000 Million pounds transferred previous month.
  • Price comparison grid with other transfer suppliers
  • Be 18 year old or above*
  • Have a Spanish euro account with enough funds
  • A destination account to transfer the funds, in another currency
  • A mobile phone number
*For anti-money laudering requirements you might be asked to provide an ID card.


Our rating
Transparent fee
Cheaper than at your bank
  • Fast and competitively priced transfers.
  • Several payout methods
  • Cash pickup at over 190,000 locations.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Promotional rates for first-time transfers.

Remitly is a digital money transfer platform focused on helping immigrant communities around the world send money to loved ones. The company makes the process of sending money internationally faster, easier, more transparent, and less costly, by eliminating the forms, codes, agents, extra time and fees typical of the traditional, century-old money transfer process.  The deep savings without brick and mortar operations and transfer agents is passed on to customers in the way of lower fees and more fair exchange rates, helping their money stretch further for their loved ones who may desperately need it. More details

How it works
  • Select your country of origin and the destination country for your transfer
  • Create an account with Remitly and log in to see the exchange rates you will be charged, depending on where you are sending to.
  • Initiate a Transfer
  • Authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services
  • Regulations 2017 (reference no. 728639) for the provision of payment services. Remitly has helped over 3 million customers send money home.
  • Remitly customers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Senders must have a means of funding their transfer (credit card/bank account/mobile wallet). Payment options vary by country, refer to the Remitly site for more details.
  • Beneficiary requirements vary by country, refer to the Remitly site for more details.