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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) UAH-EUR

Is it safe to sell hryvnias from Ukraine to euros online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain, presently you can absolutely change your hryvnias from Ukraine to euros online. Additionally to being a very comfortable service since you order whenever you want, you skip commissions.

When is the best moment to change hryvnias to euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

.On a daily basis, all year round the Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro prices oscillate in foerign markets, depending on the strength of the Ukrainian Hryvnia currency against the Euro.

This is why, there is no best moment to sell hryvnias with euros. But there are free online services like Cambiator that assist you in comparing all the hryvnias being bought by currency suppliers, banks and the airport. With these rates you will succeed in selling your hryvnias to euro at the best price of the day.

Where to change and where not to change hryvnias to euros in Spain Abrir Respuesta

The location you are never interested in doing a Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro exchange is at the airport. As with the bottle of water at very high prices, the airport manager and the airport currency provider, split the benefits of your exchange at the airport. Bear in mind, the more participants that intervene in the currency exchange game the more expensive the prices to apply to consumers.

Literally all Spanish banks apply to you a 3% fee, with a minimum (whichever is higher) quantity between 6 and 10 euros.

I have previously changed Euros to hryvnias from Ukraine, what do I do if I have leftover hryvnias from Ukraine on my way back from a holiday? Abrir Respuesta

qualifies fora buyback allowance. This means the right to give back a percentage of the hryvnias from Ukraine of the initial purchase for free.

If this is not the case, head to our Sell your currency tab, fill in the Ukrainian Hryvnia banknotes you saved (notes only, not loose coins) and select your city. Cambiator will tell you the total Euros the different travel money suppliers will offer that day in your city for your remaining hryvnias from Ukraine.

Is there a maximum quantity of Ukrainian Hryvnias that I can change online in Spain when I change Ukrainian Hryvnias to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Holiday money providers in Spain generally cap the maximum quantity of foreign currency to be bought from Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro to the equivalent in euros to 3,000 to 6,000 € per calendar quarter.

This is done in accordance with the requirements of the antimoney laundering norms. If you need to exchange a larger amount of Ukrainian Hryvnias to Euros, Cambiator recommends to speak directly with the holiday money provider.

They might require from you additional documentation and proof of the origins of your Ukrainian Hryvnias (identity card, passport, certificate of professional activity, income statements, etc.).

Do I have to carry with me any kind of document to sell my hryvnias from Ukraine in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

To sell hryvnias from Ukraine to Euros online here you must carry with you a passport or a resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE. These documents allow you to identify yourself when selling foreign currency physically or on the Internet.

Where can I sell hryvnias UAH in exchange for euros during my holidays in Spain today? Abrir Respuesta

If you guessed that your bank or the airport were the only places to sell hryvnias UAH for euros on this day in Spain, please, in the first place browse rates in the various currency suppliers that we have have displayed for you above.

You can see that for the same amount of hryvnias UAH, you will obtain more Euros depending on the service you select and you can dispose of the remnants on other leisure activities for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

How will I know the best Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro exchange rate today in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Welcome to our currency exchange comparison engine that helps you sell your hryvnias for euros at the best exchange rate of the day in Spain. Our aim is for you to save when exchanging currency for your stay in Spain, and also if you travel abroad and want to buy hryvnias with euros.

To see the best Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro exchange rate today, browse to the foreign currency you want to sell, enter the amount in hryvnias you want to change to euros and select your location so that we can show you the nearest currency exchange office.

In general, you will find the best foreign exchange prices with us rather than directly at your bank or currency supplier because we have negotiated rates.

Is it recommendable to order online or click and collect hryvnias UAH for euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Yes, it is. If you want to block the UAH-EUR rate you see on our result page. But also if you want to ensure that the travel money supplier will not charge you a commission.

In Spain you can fall into the hands of some holiday money suppliers with bad practices who impose on their clients a significant fee when changing hryvnias UAH to euros directly from their offices without having previously made a reservation on their website.

How does the Ukrainian Hryvnia to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

To know how foreign exchange works, think of any retail store that sells a product to you as a consumer. The supplier buys merchandise from a provider called a wholesaler at a purchase price, to which it sums up a profit margin.

The gap between the final price at which the consumer buys in that store (eg your Ukrainian Hryvnias) and what it cost the business to buy those Ukrainian Hryvnias is the profit it obtains in that foreign exchange.

Nevertheless there is a distinction in currency exchange with other businesses. On balance, foreign currency banknotes (Ukrainian Hryvnias in this case) pass on from consumer to consumer, that is, they are not consumed.

Therefore, it may be the case that a currency supplier or a bank acquires Ukrainian Hryvnias from a traveler who enters Spain (earning a margin) and those same Ukrainian Hryvnias pass into your hands when you order that currency (new profit margin).

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