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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) CHF-EUR

Is there a ceiling of francs CHF that I can change online in Spain when I change francs CHF to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Normally, travel money suppliers in Spain have high limits for a one shot CHF-EUR currency exchange. Or for any other holiday money ypour wish to change to euros.

These limits are imposed by the Spanish Central Bank. They have to do with the antimoney laundering norms and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements

However, these limits normally range between the equivalent of francs CHF to 3,000 and 5,900 euros, which is much more than what a traveler needs for their travel expenses.

How can I get the best CHF-EUR exchange rate today in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Getting to know the best exchange rate to sell Switzerland francs to Euros today in Spain is as easy as heading to Cambiator.es and choosing the desired currency in our currency purchase form, tab Sell Currency.

Keep in mind that the prices and conditions to sell Switzerland francs to euros that you see on our website are guaranteed to be better than the conditions you will be applied if you go directly to the currency provider.

We do not recommend exchanging travel money at a Spanish high street bank. They impose you a commission of around 2 to 3per cent as well as a margin.

Exchanging travel money at the airport is not recommended at all when selling Switzerland francs to euros.

Is it safe to sell Switzerland francs to euros online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In territories like the United Kingdom or the United States, it is very common to purchase travel money online. The traveler who wants to sell Switzerland francs to euros will go to a currency comparator like Cambiator or directly to a currency supplier and order online their Switzerland francs or any other currency for euros he/she needs to change.

Where can I sell Swiss Francs for euros in Spain today? Abrir Respuesta

Normally, when we wish to sell Swiss Francs to euros in Spain we only think of banks. Yet we do not seem to remember that practically virtually all banks in Spain charge you a a margin on the Swiss Francs that you sell them, besides, a fixed commission of 3% (with a minimum of six to ten euros).

This makes the foreign exchange less interesting and in most cases it is much more recommended to exchange currency at a high street foreign currency provider. These companies offer the alternative of selling your Swiss Francs to euros via click and collect.

Regarding the airport, it is always the least interesting option as it is much less interesting than the foreign exchange suppliers located out of these premises.

I have previously exchanged Euros to Swiss Francs, what do I do with my leftover Swiss Francs when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

After your trip, you can exchange your leftover currency, only notes not coins, (Swiss Francs in this caseat your bank or your closest holiday money provider.

Find out the CHF-EUR rates firstly and carry out a comparison on Cambiator to find out the better place. If you go to your bank, take into account that your bank will impose on you, another time, a commission close to 3% with a minimum of six to nine Euros (the greater of the two).

How does the CHF to EUR currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Foreign exchange is a very opaque activity in Spain.

When you purchase or sell francs with euros or francs in exchange for euros at a bank or at the airport, you are paying more.

Spanish banks usually invoice you a commission of 3% on the francs that you buy or sell from/to them.

And the currency provider at the airport invoices you a very disappointing price taking advantage of the fact that you passed through there.

Contrasting prices in a comparison engine like our website that includes 5 currency suppliers in Spain is the best guarantee to obtain more francs for the same euros.

When is the best time to change francs to euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

.Every day of the year the Swiss Franc to euro rates change in international markets, depending on the strength of the Swiss Franc currency against the Euro.

This is why, there is no preferred time to sell francs with euros. But you may find free online services like Cambiator that support you by comparing all the francs being bought by currency providers, the airport and the banks. With this information you will succeed in selling your francs to euro at the best price on every ocasion you need.

Do I need to carry with me any kind of ID card to sell my francs CHF in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

Generally speaking, when you change francs CHF to euros at your bank office, they will already know you and you will only have to identify yourself as a client of that entity.

When you change francs CHF to euros at a foreign currency provider´s store, on the street or at the airport, you will have to show a valid and current identity document (resident´s ID card (DNI or NIE) or passport in Spain). Take into account that your driver's ID will not be accepted as a valid document when changing francs CHF to Euros.

Is it safe to make an online reservation of Swiss Francs for euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

If you want to guarantee the Swiss Francs to euro price for your trip to Spain, Cambiator recommends you to place an online order on the website of the chosen foreign currency provider.

In addition, by doing so you avoid the possible commissions that some foreign currency providers in Spain charge you by changing Swiss Francs for euros directly in one of their offices.

In Spain if you reserve online on your bank's website or App, you will still be charged their currency fee of around two to three per cent, and you will pay at the exchange prices of the day of collection, not those of the day of the online reservation.

Where to change and where not to sell Switzerland francs to euros in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Foreign banknotes like the Swiss Franc or the euro are totally the same everywhere: currency providers at the airport, at the city center or your bank. If you seek for good rates, we help you find the best Swiss Franc to euro exchange price of the day, with no charge.

If you are interested in convenience or trust, it is best to collect directly your euros in exchange for your Switzerland francs at a branch near your office, hotel or home. You can find these options on this results page you are now looking at.

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