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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) PLN-EUR

Is it recommendable to order online or click and collect zlotys for euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Yes, it is. If you want to ensure the Polish Zloty to euro price you see on our result page. But also if you need to make sure that the holiday money supplier will not charge you a commission.

In Spain you can fall into the hands of some travel money providers with bad practices who impose on their clients an outstanding commission when selling zlotys to euros directly from their stores without having previously made a reservation on their Internet site.

How does the Polish Zloty to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Currency exchange is a poorly transparent market in Spain.

When you buy or sell zlotys PLN with euros or zlotys PLN in exchange for euros at the airport or at a bank, you are paying more.

Spanish banks usually charge you a commission of 3% on the zlotys PLN that you buy or sell from/to them.

And the currency supplier at the airport imposes on you a very deceiving price taking advantage of the fact that you passed through there.

Contrasting rates in a comparison engine like Cambiator that includes 5 currency suppliers in Spain is the best guarantee to obtain more zlotys PLN for the same euros.

Where to sell and where not to change zlotys PLN to euros in Spain Abrir Respuesta

in addition toan exchange margin, and browse on our website the Polish Zloty to euro day to day exchange rate.

Literally all banks in Spain impose on you a three per cent commission, with a minimum (whichever is higher) amount of six to ten €.

Bear in mind that the smaller the amount of zlotys PLN to change to euros, the more the impact of this fixed commission on your personal finances.

I have previously changed Euros to Polish Zlotys, what can I do with my leftover Polish Zlotys when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Upon return to Spain, you can change your leftover currency, only banknotes, never loose coins, (Polish Zlotys in this caseat your bank or your closest foreign currency provider.

Look at the PLN-EUR rates firstly and make a comparison on our website to find out the most interesting provider. If you go to your bank, keep in mind that your bank will charge you, another time, a fee near to 3per cent with a minimum of 6 to 9 Euros (the greater of the two).

Do I need to provide any kind of identity card to change zlotys PLN to euros? Abrir Respuesta

To sell zlotys PLN to Euros on the Internet in Spain you must show a passport or a resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE. These documents permit you to identify yourself when selling foreign currency physically or on the Internet.

How will I get the best Polish Zloty to euro exchange rate today here? Abrir Respuesta

Getting to know the best exchange rate for the zlotys with respect to the euro every day in Spain, is simple.

Firstly, we advise you to not belive in the rates of the currency converters that appear on the Internet. These prices are for foerign currency but not for notes. Additionally, they are restricted to financial institutions. The rates you pay as a consumer are less interesting.

The second thing you should do is look at the direct PLN-EUR exchange rate (that 0.991 with more or less digits that you see advertised everywhere and that varies every day).

The higher that number is, the more euros you will be handed out for every Polish Zloty you hand in.

Therefore, the best exchange rate will be the higher exchange rate. Cambiator makes it easy for you to obtain the best Polish Zloty to euro exchange rate. Our results page sorts Euro offers from highest to lowest price of the day in five currency suppliers, airports and banks in Spain.

When is the best moment to change Polish Zlotys to euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

As the rates of currencies fluctuate continuously with respect to each other, there is no best moment to change foreign currency (in this case Polish Zlotys) for euros in Spain.

It is recommended to be attentive to how the economy of your country evolves in comparison of that of Spain. Normally, when the economy of your country is hard, its currency tends to depreciate with respect to the euro. This means that for the same Polish Zlotys you would get less euros.

Cambiator displays the buy rate of Polish Zlotys to euros, arranged from cheapest to least, to help you choose where to change Polish Zlotys.

Where can I sell zlotys PLN for euros in Spain today? Abrir Respuesta

If you thought that your the airport or your bank were the only places to change zlotys PLN for euros today in Spain, please, first check the rates in the different currency suppliers that we have have displayed for you above.

You can see that for the same quantity of zlotys PLN, you will obtain more Euros depending on the provider you choose and you can spend the difference on other leisure activities for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

Is it safe to sell Polish Zlotys to euros online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Changing online Polish Zlotys to euros in Spain is highly secure. Bear in mind that it is done with foreign currency providers that must have a licence from the Spanish Central Bank.

Furthermore, these travel money providers are companies subject to investigation and can be sanctioned if they fail to comply with the strict legal measures in Spain to justify with whom they exchange Polish Zlotys to euros.

Is there a maximum quantity of zlotys PLN that I can sell from an online supplier in Spain when I change zlotys PLN to euros? Abrir Respuesta

The average quantity of the average user who sells zlotys PLN to Euros is the equivalent in euros to 700 €, which is a quantity that falls within the limits of the foreign currency providers that operate with travelers in Spain.

The higher the purchase in euros of your zlotys PLN to sell, the larger the possibility you will be required to prove your business activity data additionally to your ID card or passport.

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