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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) MUR-EUR

When is the best moment to change rupees from Mauritius to euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The Mauritian Rupee to euro rate oscillates daily. The currencies of countries with more stable economies change less, and vice-versa. But it is also necessary to take into account events such as the Ukraine war or Brexit, major sporting events or economic crisis, which can impact the exchange rates of a specific currency, like the Mauritian Rupee, from one day to the next.

In any case, most currency suppliers and banks usually revise the price at which they sell or buy rupees from Mauritius once a day, first thing in the morning.

Cambiator always has its travel money rates updated, so that you browse the best data available on exchange rates.

Must I provide any type of identity card to sell my rupees in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, to do a MUR-EUR currency exchange, the European AML regulations require currency suppliers to "know their customers" (Know Your Customer (KYC)). This means that you will need to identify yourself as a seller or buyer with a a valid and current identity document (resident´s ID card (DNI or NIE) or passport).

Where to change and where not to change Mauritian Rupees to euros in Spain Abrir Respuesta

The place you are never interested in doing a Mauritian Rupee to euro currency exchange is at the airport. As with the bottle of water at the price of gold, the airport manager and the airport currency provider, split the benefits of your exchange at the airport. Bear in mind, the more players that play in the travel money game the higher the rates to apply to consumers.

Almost all banks in Spain impose on you a 3% fee, with a minimum (whichever is higher) amount between 6 and 10 euros.

How will I get the best MUR-EUR exchange rate today here? Abrir Respuesta

To obtain the best Mauritian Rupee to euro exchange rate, we advise you carry out a search on Cambiator.

You will find out that a column appears in the result page that claims MUR-EUR exchange today.

Then observe the amount below for all currency suppliers. As for banks, we present an average price, however keep in mind that virtually all of them in Spain apply, in addition to the rate, a commission of 2.5 to 3% usually, with a minimum of between six to ten euros.

The exchange rate you obtain is known as the Mauritian Rupee to euro direct exchange rate, and the higher that number is, the more Euros you will obtain for each Mauritian Rupee you hand in. Cambiator compares the exchange prices every day so that you get the best currency exchange every day when you change rupees MUR to euros.

How does the Mauritian Rupee to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

Currency suppliers and banks are retail businesses that buy from travellers or wholesalers the banknotes they plan to offer to their customers seekinging to buy rupees at the retail rate or the professional exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and add their working margin.

They use the rupees you offer them and offer those notes to other individuals at their selling rate of the day, earning that margin.

E.g, if you wish to sell rupees in exchange for euros, you contact your currency supplier or a bank and pay the Buy price of the day they advertise. That rate already includes a profit margin for the currency provider.

Is there a ceiling of rupees from Mauritius that I can sell from an online supplier in Spain when I change rupees from Mauritius to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Normally, end customers change rupees from Mauritius to euros around the equivalent in € to 700 in Spain.

If, for whatever reason, you want to change rupees from Mauritius to euros for more than the equivalent of five thousand euros, it is recommended to contact your supplier or bank.

Firstly to discuss a cheaper Mauritian Rupee to euro exchange rate than the one you see in Cambiator. Secondly to confirm that they are authorized to buy you with the amount of personal data they have about you.

Is it safe to order online or click and collect rupees from Mauritius for euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

No doubt. Cambiator has surveyed the Spanish market for currency suppliers and banks for over five years and concluded that, depending on the currency you want to change, some currencies are easy to accept in exchange for euros and other less frequent ones are not.

Generally the MUR-EUR price is more interesting if you order them online to do a click and collect than if you go directly to the currency supplier office.

Where can I sell rupees from Mauritius in exchange for euros in Spain today? Abrir Respuesta

If you believed that your bank or the airport were the sole places to change rupees from Mauritius for euros on this day in Spain, please, first browse rates in the various currency providers that we have have displayed for you above.

You can learn that for the same amount of rupees from Mauritius, you will get more Euros depending on the supplier you pick and you can spend the difference on other entertainment for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

Is it safe to sell rupees from Mauritius to euros online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain, nowadays there is no problem in selling your rupees from Mauritius to euros online. Furthermore to being a very comfortable service since you order whenever you need, you skip commissions.

I have previously exchanged Euros to rupees MUR, what do I do if I have leftover rupees MUR when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

All travel money providers in Spain are dedicated to the purchase and sale of holiday money. If you get back with rupees MUR left over upon return to Spain, you just have to go to Cambiator.es and select our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

After indicate your town of residence and Cambiator will show you how many Euros the different holiday money providers will offer that day in your city for your leftover rupees MUR.

Bear in mind that they will only acquire you rupees MUR notes but not loose coins.

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