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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FJD-EUR

Where can I change dollars FJD in exchange for euros during my holidays in Spain today? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain you have three places where you can change dollars FJD to euros. The first thing that comes to mind is our bank. However, Spanish banks impose an exchange rate to your dollars FJD together with a fee of 3%. This implies that, for example if you change the equivalent of 1000 euros from dollars FJD to euros you will be cashed a 30 euros fee.

On the other hand, your other alternative might be the airport at the last minute. Yet, this channel is the most costly of all options because the foreign exchange suppliers located there, must pay chunk of their benefits to the airport manager.

Foreign exchange suppliers based out of the airports in Spain are the best alternative to change dollars FJD to euros.

Is it safe to change dollars from Fiji to euros online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In countries like the North America or the United Kingdom, it is customary to acquire foreign currency online. The customer that wants to sell dollars from Fiji to euros will go to a travel money website such as Cambiator or directly to a travel money provider and sell online their dollars from Fiji or whatever currency for euros she/he wants to sell.

Is it advisable to make an online reservation of dollars from Fiji for euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, the online rates of the foreign currency suppliers in Spain, are more interesting than the prices you get by changing directly in one of their offices.

So Cambiator advises you to make a rate comparison when you sell dollars from Fiji to euros.

And afterwards Cambiator advices to book online to pick up the euros at an office of the currency exchange suppliers near you. This way you will be handed more euros for your dollars from Fiji in comfort.

I have previously changed Euros to dollars, what do I do with my remaining dollars on my way back from a holiday? Abrir Respuesta

Once your travels are over, you can change your leftover currency, only banknotes, never loose coins, (dollars in this caseat your bank or your closest travel money provider.

Look at the Fiji dollar to Euro prices firstly and do a comparison on Cambiator to find out the most interesting provider. If you go to your bank, bear in mind that your bank will charge you, once again, a commission close to 3% with a minimum of 6 to 9 Euros (the greater of the two).

How will I know the best FJD-EUR exchange rate today in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

If you wish to sell Fiji dollars for euros you only need to choose Fiji dollars in our currency purchase widget, tab Sell Currency. Next enter the amount you want to change and select your city so that we can show you the nearest currency exchange bureau.

Cambiator will show you the results of the different currency suppliers, ordered from more interesting to less appealing. We will also show you the average rate at Spanish high street banks and at the airports (if they buy Fiji dollars).

Do I have to provide any type of identity card to sell my dollars from Fiji in exchange for euros? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, when you change dollars from Fiji to euros at your bank office, they will already know their customers and you will only need to identify yourself as a customer of that bank.

If you change dollars from Fiji to euros at a foreign currency provider´s outlet, at the airport or on the street, you will have to show a valid and current identity card (passport or resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE in Spain). Take into account that the driver's ID cannot be accepted as a valid identification document when changing dollars from Fiji to Euros.

Is there a ceiling of dollars that I can sell on the Internet in Spain when I change dollars to euros? Abrir Respuesta

Generally, currency suppliers in Spain have high limits for a one shot FJD-EUR currency exchange. Or for any other currency ypour wish to change to euros.

These maximum quantities are imposed by the Banco de España. They are related to the AML regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) demands

Nevertheless, these maximum quantities generally oscillate between the equivalent of dollars to 3,000 and 5,900 euros, which is a lot more than what a tourist needs for their travel expenses.

Where to change and where not to change dollars from Fiji to euros in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Where you are never interested in doing a Fiji dollar to euro exchange is at the airport. As with the bottle of water at scandalous prices, the airport manager and the airport currency supplier, split the benefits of your exchange at the airport. Bear in mind, the more players that intervene in the travel money game the more expensive the prices to charge to travelers.

Literally all banks in Spain impose on you a three per cent commission, with a minimum (whichever is higher) quantity between 6 and 10 euros.

When is the best time to sell dollars from Fiji to euros in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

There is no best time to change dollars from Fiji to euros because the Fiji dollar to euro rates vary at all times depending on the strengths of the economies of the Euro countries with respect to the countries that use dollars from Fiji.

It is, however, advisable to be attentive to phenomena such as Brexit, major sporting events or wars like the Ukraine one, where the price of a currency can vary upwards or downwards with respect to the Euro.

Although we cannot predict how the Fiji dollar to euro rates will evolve at Cambiator we help you to sell dollars from Fiji to euros at the best rates of the day in Spain.

How does the Fiji dollar to euro currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The operation of the Fiji dollar to euro currency exchange is easy to understand. Foreign currency banknotes are tangible products that circulate around the world. Some currencies, such as the dollar or the pound, are very well distributed, and other currencies not so much.

The more difficult it is to sell or buy a currency, the more onerous it will be to obtain it. One of the reasons for this is that some countries limit the amount of currency you can leave the country with.

If you are willing to sell dollars from Fiji for euros, it is recommendable to compare rates at the airport, at your bank and at currency provider. And what better, to compare those prices at Cambiator.

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