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At your bank

At your bank

Spanish banks do not trade this currency
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At your bank

Today's average exchange rate for this foreign currency in the main banks in Spain. The euros to be paid by the bank will charge a commission of between 2.5% and 3%, with a minimum of € 6 to € 10 (the most expensive of the two). More details

Bank fees Virtually all banks in Spain charge you a more or less competitive exchange rate like the one above, in addition to a commission, every time you change currency. We show you what you get in both cases, but to get an idea, estimate a 3% with a minimum of about 10 euros.
Examples of bank commissions that await you:
  • You change € 100. Your bank charges you 6-10 € fixed (fixed commission> 2-3%).
  • You change € 500. Your bank charges you € 10-15 (2-3% commission> fixed comm).
  • You change € 1000. Your bank charges you € 20-30 (2-3% commission> fixed comm.)
At the airport

At the airport

0,00 UAH
Average prices today at airports
1 EUR = 0,000000 UAH
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At the airport

Average prices today for this foreign currency in the two main airports in Spain: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport and Barcelona El Prat. More details

Every day thousands of people change currency at Spanish airports, where it is very comfortable, but not cheap at all! Almost all of these travelers have something in common: leaving travel money for last minute and not caring much about the exchange rate applied to them at the airport.
In exchange for travelers, the airport authority requires the exchange supplier to participate in the revenues from all currency operations. This makes the currency exchange at airports a lot more expensive than at high street level. Therefore, the airport should be our last currency exchange option in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-UAH

Is it safe to make an online purchase or reservation of hryvnias from Ukraine in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The cheapest hryvnias from Ukraine prices are usually obtained when you ask for them online to receive them at home. You can also find low rates online when you choose the click and collect alternative around you.

As for Spanish banks, almost all of them have online reservation. Some of them let you order online and pick-up your hryvnias from Ukraine sometime later. But the Euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia price you will have to pay will be, that of the day you collect them, not that of the day you ordered the hryvnias from Ukraine.

When is the best time to obtain Ukrainian Hryvnias? Abrir Respuesta

Every day of the year the euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia prices change in international markets, depending on the strength of the Ukrainian Hryvnia currency against the Euro.

This is why, there is no best moment to acquire Ukrainian Hryvnias. Nevertheless there are free websites like Cambiator that support you by comparing all the Ukrainian Hryvnias offered by currency providers, banks and the airport. With these rates you will have bought Ukrainian Hryvnias at the best rates of the day.

Is there a limit to the amount of Ukrainian Hryvnias that I can acquire online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, tourists change about 700 euros to Ukrainian Hryvnias in Spain. If, for any reason, you want to acquire Ukrainian Hryvnias for over 5,000 euros, it is advisable to contact your supplier or bank. Primarily to negotiate a more interesting Euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia exchange rate than the one you see in Cambiator. Secondly to confirm that they are authorized to offer you with the amount of personal data they know about you.

How will I find the best euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

To obtain the best euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia exchange rate, we advise you do a search on Cambiator.

You will see that a column appears in the result page that claims EUR-UAH exchange today.

Then examine the number below for all currency suppliers. As for banks, we show you an median rate, nevertheless keep in mind that practically all of them in Spain charge you, in addition to the price, a commission of 2.5 to 3per cent on average, with a minimum of between 6 to 10 €.

The exchange rate you obtain is known as direct exchange euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia and the higher that number is, the more hryvnias from Ukraine you will acquire for each € you spend. Cambiator compares the exchange prices day by day so that you get the best foreign exchange every day when you purchase hryvnias from Ukraine.

Where to acquire and where not to obtain hryvnias UAH in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Generally speaking, we advise you to obtain your currency in safe locations and where they do not impose on you a commission, in addition to a profit margin. Literally all Spanish banks and some physical currency providers will apply to you a currency exchange commission circa 3 per cent, with a minimum (whichever is higher), of 6 to 10 euros.

This means that when you exchange 100 euros to hryvnias UAH, as well as an exchange margin, you will be charged a fixed commission of of 6 to 10 euros, since it is an amount higher than the 3 euros fee that would correspond to applying 3% to 100 euros. If you exchange 600 euros to hryvnias UAH, they would impose a 3% fee. That is 18 euros which is greater than the minimum of of 6 to 10 euros.

Am I obliged to show any kind of ID card to acquire Ukrainian Hryvnias? Abrir Respuesta

Yes, it is. Following the money laundering prevention regulations, the Spanish currency providers have to demand from you when you change travel money a valid and current ID card. If you buy Ukrainian Hryvnias at least they will demand from you for your passport or resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE.

How does the euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The Euro to Ukrainian Hryvnia exchange rate is very easy to comprehend. Like all markets, there are wholesale companies as well as retail companies.

Banks & Currency providers are retail businesses that buy from wholesalers the notes they estimate to offer to individuals at the wholesale exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and add their profit margin.

They then sell those banknotes to consumers at their selling price of the day, winning that margin.

E.g, if you wish to buy hryvnias UAH, you go to a currency supplier or a bank and pay the sale rate of the day they display. Such rate already contains a profit margin for the currency provider.

I have changed Euros to hryvnias, what do I do if I have remaining hryvnias when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

All foreign currency providers in Spain dedicate to the purchase and sale of currency. If you get back with hryvnias left over upon return to Spain, you just have to enter Cambiator.es and choose our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

Then select your town of residence and we will show you how many Euros the different foreign currency providers will offer on the day in your city for your leftover hryvnias.

Bear in mind that they will only buy you hryvnias banknotes but not loose coins.

Where can I acquire hryvnias from Ukraine in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

If you believed that your the airport or your bank were the only places to acquire hryvnias from Ukraine today, please, first check the rates in the different currency suppliers that we compared for you above.

You can spot that for the same euros, you will get more hryvnias from Ukraine depending on the service you select and you can spend the remnants on other entertainment for your trip (coffees, souvenirs, transportation, etc.).

Is it safe to buy online Ukrainian Hryvnias in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain, nowadays there is no problem in buying Ukrainian Hryvnias online. Additionally to being a very comfortable service since you buy whenever you need and a courier will take your currency to your home, you ensure availability and you save fees. Besides, most foreign currency suppliers who deliver travel money to your place offer free shipping costs with your order.

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