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Precio web (envío a domicilio)

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1 EUR = 3,279640 QAR
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Precio web (envío a domicilio)

Ria, a subsidiary of the Euronet group, is a leading foreign exchange company. It offers home delivery service in just 48 hours, as well as a network of stores in premium locations in the main cities of Spain. More details

If you book online at this branch from the Ria website:
  • Book online and collect at this branch
  • No surprises: secure this exchange rate for 5 days
  • 60 currencies available
  • Pay in Euros at the branch, on the day of collection, by card or cash
If you go directly to the branch without going through the Ria website:
  • Purchase subject to stock availability
  • You will get teh price of the day
  • Provide the CAMBIATOR promocode to the cashier to benefit from an additional discount
  • Payment by card or cash
At your bank

At your bank

1821,85 QAR
Including your bank`s commission
1 EUR = 3,130331 QAR
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At your bank

Today's average exchange rate for this foreign currency in the main banks in Spain. The euros to be paid by the bank will charge a commission of between 2.5% and 3%, with a minimum of € 6 to € 10 (the most expensive of the two). More details

Bank fees Virtually all banks in Spain charge you a more or less competitive exchange rate like the one above, in addition to a commission, every time you change currency. We show you what you get in both cases, but to get an idea, estimate a 3% with a minimum of about 10 euros.
Examples of bank commissions that await you:
  • You change € 100. Your bank charges you 6-10 € fixed (fixed commission> 2-3%).
  • You change € 500. Your bank charges you € 10-15 (2-3% commission> fixed comm).
  • You change € 1000. Your bank charges you € 20-30 (2-3% commission> fixed comm.)
At the airport

At the airport

1439,89 QAR
Average prices today at airports
1 EUR = 2,474029 QAR
Our rating

At the airport

Average prices today for this foreign currency in the two main airports in Spain: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport and Barcelona El Prat. More details

Every day thousands of people change currency at Spanish airports, where it is very comfortable, but not cheap at all! Almost all of these travelers have something in common: leaving travel money for last minute and not caring much about the exchange rate applied to them at the airport.
In exchange for travelers, the airport authority requires the exchange supplier to participate in the revenues from all currency operations. This makes the currency exchange at airports a lot more expensive than at high street level. Therefore, the airport should be our last currency exchange option in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-QAR

Where can I get riyals from Qatar in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

People only remember their bank when buying riyals from Qatar with euros. Neverthelss we suggest that you get to know the possibility of foreign exchange suppliers. And this is because nearly all banks in Spain charge you a fixed commission of 3% (with a minimum of between 6 and 10 euros) as well as a margin on the riyals from Qatar that you buy from them.

On the contrary, the foreign currency suppliers that announce no commission are more attractive to your pocket since they do not charge you this fee.

Cambiator compares any time for you the euro to Qatar Riyal currency exchange prices online and in your population so that you can choose the alternative that best suits you.

Where to acquire and where not to obtain riyals in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Foreign banknotes like the Qatar Riyal are in every way identical in all locations: currency providers at the airport, at the city center or your bank. If you are interested in price, we help you find the best euro to Qatar Riyal exchange price of the day, free of charge.

If you are interested in convenience, in addition to a good rate, you can select a currency supplier with home delivery service.

{And if you are {looking for|more interested in for trust and security, it is best to collect directly your riyals at a office near your office, hotel or home. You can find these options on this results page where you are now.

When is the best time to order Qatar Riyals? Abrir Respuesta

There isn´t a best time to acquire Qatar Riyals because the euro to Qatar Riyal rates change at all times depending on the strengths of the economies of the Euro countries with respect to the countries that use Qatar Riyals.

It is, however, recommended to be informed about events such as Brexit, major sporting events or armed conflicts, where the rates of a currency can vary upwards or downwards with respect to the Euro.

Although we cannot predict how the Euro to Qatar Riyal prices will develop, at Cambiator we help you to obtain Qatar Riyals at the best rate daily in Spain.

How does the euro to Qatar Riyal currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The Euro to Qatar Riyal exchange rate is rather easy to comprehend. Like all markets, there are wholesalers and retailers.

Banks and currency suppliers are retailers who buy from currency wholesale companies the banknotes they plan to offer to individuals at the wholesale exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and mark-up their profit margin.

They then sell those notes to consumers at their selling price of the day, winning that margin.

E.g, if you wish to buy riyals from Qatar, you contact your bank or currency supplier and pay the sale rate of the day they advertise. That rate already incorporates a profit for the currency provider.

I have exchanged Euros to riyals from Qatar, what can I do if I have remaining riyals from Qatar when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Calculate from your travel money provider if your order includesa buyback allowance. This means the right to give back a % of the riyals from Qatar of the primary purchase at no cost.

If you do not qualify for buyback, go to our Sell your currency tab, fill in the Qatar Riyal quantity you did not spend (notes only, not loose coins) and select your town. Cambiator will show you the total Euros the different currency suppliers will offer that day in your city for your leftover riyals from Qatar.

Is there a ceiling of riyals from Qatar that I can buy from an online supplier in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

foreign currency suppliers in Spain generally cap the maximum quantity of foreign currency to be purchased (riyals from Qatar, etc.) to between 3,000 and 6,000 euros per calendar quarter. This is mandatory by the AML regulations. If you have to change a larger amount of Euros to riyals from Qatar, Cambiator recommends to speak directly with the travel money supplier. They might require from you additional documentation and proof of the origins of your Euros (identity document, passport, certificate of professional activity, income statements, etc.).

How will I know the best euro to Qatar Riyal exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

Knowing the best exchange rate to obtain riyals from Qatar with Euros today is as easy as going to Cambiator.es and choosing the the riyals from Qatar you are willing to buy.

Keep in mind that the prices and conditions to buy riyals from Qatar that you see on our website are negotiated to be better than the rates you will be applied if you go directly to the currency provider.

We do not recommend exchanging travel money at a Spanish high street bank. They impose you a commission of around 2 to 3per cent as well as an exchange rate.

Exchanging foreign currency at the airport is not recommended at all when buying riyals from Qatar.

Do I have to carry with me any type of identity card to buy riyals QAR? Abrir Respuesta

Indeed. According to the AML regulations, the Spanish foreign currency providers will ask you when you exchange travel money a valid and current identity card. If you acquire riyals QAR at least they will demand from you for your resident´s ID card (DNI or NIE) or passport.

Is it safe to order Qatar Riyals online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Ordering online Qatar Riyals in Spain is very safe. Take into account that it is done with holiday money suppliers that must have a licence from the Spanish Central Bank.

Additionally, these currency suppliers are companies subject to inspection and can be fined if they do not comply with the anti-money laundering legislation in Spain to justify with whom they exchange Qatar Riyals.

Is it recommendable to make an online purchase or reservation of riyals from Qatar in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The least expensive riyals from Qatar rates are generally found when you purchase them online to receive them at home. You can also benefit from low rates online by choosing the click & collect option near you.

As for Spanish banks, the majority offer online booking. In some cases let you order online and pick-up your riyals from Qatar sometime later. Nevertheless the Euro to Qatar Riyal rate you will end up paying will be, that of the day of collection, not that of the day you made the reservation of the riyals from Qatar.

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