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Ria cambio de divisas

Envío a domicilio Península e Islas (Canarias mismo precio oficina Las Palmas)

Additional discount. Use code CAMBIATOR in your reservation
1 EUR = 3,746393 PEN
Our rating

Envío a domicilio Península e Islas (Canarias mismo precio oficina Las Palmas)

Ria, a subsidiary of the Euronet group, is a leading foreign exchange company. It offers home delivery service in just 48 hours, as well as a network of stores in premium locations in the main cities of Spain. More details

If you book online at this branch from the Ria website:
  • Book online and collect at this branch
  • No surprises: secure this exchange rate for 5 days
  • 60 currencies available
  • Pay in Euros at the branch, on the day of collection, by card or cash
If you go directly to the branch without going through the Ria website:
  • Purchase subject to stock availability
  • You will get teh price of the day
  • Provide the CAMBIATOR promocode to the cashier to benefit from an additional discount
  • Payment by card or cash

Envío a domicilio (Península y Baleares)

Exclusive rate. Delivery in 2 to 3 days
1 EUR = 3,578330 PEN
Our rating

Envío a domicilio (Península y Baleares)

Eurochange is a Spanish currency exchange supplier with 25 branches in Alicante, Almería, Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Palma de Mallorca and Pamplona. They are specialists in buying and selling foreign currency, currently working with 40 currencies. More details

Order online with Eurochange via Cambiator and you get:
  • Up to 60 different currencies.
  • No commission.
  • Pay with credit card.
  • Delivery in 24 to 72 hours*
  • No minimu order. Maximum order: 2.000 EUR
  • Free delivery on orders above 1000 EUR*
*Deliveries in the Peninsula (4,95 €), Balearic Islands (9,95 €) and Canary Islands (19,95 €).
If you want to insure this rate:
  • Place your order now on Cambiator (free service)
  • Get your exclusive voucher
  • Present it at the till
  • Pay online card or bank transfer
  • Collect your currency at this branch in 24-48 hours

Envío a domicilio (Península y Baleares)

Exclusive price. Use CAMBIATOR voucher on the iCambio website
1 EUR = 3,000000 PEN
Our rating

Envío a domicilio (Península y Baleares)

iCambio is the trademark of Change Center, a foreign exchange office born in 1991. They have exchange offices in Madrid, Andalusia (Málaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Marbella, Seville and Córdoba) and Alicante (Benidorm) and a home delivery website . More details

If you place a purchase online or by phone with iCambio you benefit from this exclusive price:
  • Online purchases without commissions up to 60 currencies
  • Use the CAMBIATOR discount code on the iCambio website
  • Online payment by card or by transfer
  • Delivery where you say in 24-72 hours *
  • Minimum order 20 EUR
  • Orders> 1000 EUR: free shipping *
* Deliveries in Peninsula and Balearic Islands. * Shipping costs 5 euros
If you make a reservation to pick up at iCambio branches you benefit from this exclusive price:
  • You can buy 55 different currencies
  • You ensure the availability of the currency
  • Exclusive price not available in iCambio offices *
  • Payment at the office by card or by transfer
  • You will get an identifier to present at the office *
* Present your unique CAMBIATOR voucher in the branch in a maximum of 7 days to obtain this exclusive price.
At your bank

At your bank

2130,51 PEN
Including your bank`s commission
1 EUR = 3,660664 PEN
Our rating

At your bank

Today's average exchange rate for this foreign currency in the main banks in Spain. The euros to be paid by the bank will charge a commission of between 2.5% and 3%, with a minimum of € 6 to € 10 (the most expensive of the two). More details

Bank fees Virtually all banks in Spain charge you a more or less competitive exchange rate like the one above, in addition to a commission, every time you change currency. We show you what you get in both cases, but to get an idea, estimate a 3% with a minimum of about 10 euros.
Examples of bank commissions that await you:
  • You change € 100. Your bank charges you 6-10 € fixed (fixed commission> 2-3%).
  • You change € 500. Your bank charges you € 10-15 (2-3% commission> fixed comm).
  • You change € 1000. Your bank charges you € 20-30 (2-3% commission> fixed comm.)
At the airport

At the airport

1600,73 PEN
Average prices today at airports
1 EUR = 2,750399 PEN
Our rating

At the airport

Average prices today for this foreign currency in the two main airports in Spain: Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suarez Airport and Barcelona El Prat. More details

Every day thousands of people change currency at Spanish airports, where it is very comfortable, but not cheap at all! Almost all of these travelers have something in common: leaving travel money for last minute and not caring much about the exchange rate applied to them at the airport.
In exchange for travelers, the airport authority requires the exchange supplier to participate in the revenues from all currency operations. This makes the currency exchange at airports a lot more expensive than at high street level. Therefore, the airport should be our last currency exchange option in Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-PEN

Is the online purchase of soles safe in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Ordering online soles in Spain is very safe. Take into account that it is done with travel money suppliers that need to have a licence from the Bank of Spain.

Additionally, these currency suppliers are corporations subject to inspection and can be fined if they do not comply with the strict legal measures in Spain to justify with whom they exchange soles.

Where to order and where not to order soles in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Generally speaking, we recommend to keep away from any company that imposes on you a commission ás well asa foreign exchange margin, and browse on our website the Euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol daily exchange rate.

Practically all Spanish banks charge you a three per cent fee, with a minimum (whichever is higher) quantity of 6 to 10 euros.

Keep in mind that the smaller the amount of soles to obtain, the more the impact of this fixed commission on your wallet.

How can I find the best euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

We are a currency exchange comparison service that helps you buy soles at the best exchange rate today in Spain. Our objective is for you to save when exchanging currency for a trip abroad, and also on your return, if you have leftover banknotes you wish to sell back.

To obtain the best euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol exchange rate today, look for the foreign currency you want to get, type in the amount in Euros you need to change to soles.

By default we will show you the home-delivery soles rates. Normally, you will obtain the best foreign exchange rates with us rather than directly at your bank or currency supplier.

And if, in addition, you select your city, we will show you the soles that they will give you at the currency providers outlets for the same Euros.

When is the best time to acquire soles? Abrir Respuesta

On a daily basis, all year round the euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol prices change in foerign markets, depending on the strength of the Peruvian Nuevo Sol currency against the Euro.

This is why, there is no best moment to purchase soles. But you may find free websites like Cambiator that support you by comparing all the soles offered by currency suppliers, the airport and the banks. With these rates you will succeed in buying soles at the best price each time.

I have changed Euros to Peruvian soles, what can I do if I have leftover Peruvian soles when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

After your trip, you can exchange your exceeding currency, only banknotes, never loose coins, (Peruvian soles in this caseat your bank or your closest holiday money supplier.

Check the Peruvian Nuevo Sol to Euro rates firstly and carry out a comparison on our website to find out the most interesting location. Take into account that your bank will charge you, another time, a commission near to 3per cent with a minimum of 6 to 9 Euros (the largest of the two).

Is it advisable to order online or click and collect soles in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The least expensive soles rates are normally given when you order them online to receive them at home. You can also benefit from low prices online when you choose the click and collect alternative near you.

Regarding to Spanish banks, the majority allow for online reservation. Some of them let you order online and collect your soles some days later. Nevertheless the Euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol rate you will have to pay will be, that of the day you collect them, not that of the day you ordered the soles.

Where can I purchase Peruvian soles in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain you can buy Peruvian soles primarily at your bank or at the currency suppliers. As a rule of thumb banks impose on you a fixed commission ranging between 2.5% and 3% with a minimum of 6 to 10 euros for each currency exchange. This applies when you acquire currency or when you offer your surplus to euros. This means that if you change 100 euros to Peruvian soles, additionally to the euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol exchange rate of the day, you will be charged between 6 and 10 additional euros. Currency providers that advertise no commission are more interesting since they do not charge you this commission.

Cambiator helps you find the euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol exchange rates of the day and sorts them from most to least interesting so that you can choose well where to buy obtain Peruvian soles.

Do I have to show any kind of document to buy Peruvian soles? Abrir Respuesta

Yes, it is. According to the antimoney laundering norms, the Spanish currency providers will ask you when you change holiday money a valid and current ID card. If you buy Peruvian soles at least they will ask you for your passport or resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE.

How does the euro to Peruvian Nuevo Sol currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The EUR-PEN exchange rate is very easy to comprehend. Like all markets, there are wholesalers as well as retailers.

Banks & Currency providers are retail businesses that buy from currency wholesale companies the banknotes they estimate to sell to travellers at the professional exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and add their profit margin.

They then offer those banknotes to travellers at their selling price of the day, earning that margin.

For instance, if you want to get Peruvian soles, you contact your bank or currency supplier and pay the sale rate of the day they display. That price already contains a profit for the currency provider.

Is there a maximum quantity of sols PEN that I can purchase from an online supplier in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The median purchase of the typical user who acquires sols PEN with Euros is around six hundred euros, which is an amount that falls within the limits of the foreign currency suppliers that operate with end customers in Spain.

The larger the amount of sols PEN to buy, the greater the probability that you will be asked for your business activity data in addition to your passport or ID card.

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