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Envío a domicilio (Península y Baleares)

iCambio is the trademark of Change Center, a foreign exchange office born in 1991. They have exchange offices in Madrid, Andalusia (Málaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, Marbella, Seville and Córdoba) and Alicante (Benidorm) and a home delivery website . More details

If you place a purchase online or by phone with iCambio you benefit from this exclusive price:
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* Deliveries in Peninsula and Balearic Islands. * Shipping costs 5 euros
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At your bank

At your bank

Spanish banks do not trade this currency
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At your bank

Today's average exchange rate for this foreign currency in the main banks in Spain. The euros to be paid by the bank will charge a commission of between 2.5% and 3%, with a minimum of € 6 to € 10 (the most expensive of the two). More details

Bank fees Virtually all banks in Spain charge you a more or less competitive exchange rate like the one above, in addition to a commission, every time you change currency. We show you what you get in both cases, but to get an idea, estimate a 3% with a minimum of about 10 euros.
Examples of bank commissions that await you:
  • You change € 100. Your bank charges you 6-10 € fixed (fixed commission> 2-3%).
  • You change € 500. Your bank charges you € 10-15 (2-3% commission> fixed comm).
  • You change € 1000. Your bank charges you € 20-30 (2-3% commission> fixed comm.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-FJD

Is there a ceiling of dollars from Fiji that I can acquire on the Internet in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The most common purchase of dollars from Fiji in Spain of a traveler who exchanges Euros for dollars from Fiji is usually around 700 €. If you need to buy more than 5,999 €, the mandatory documents that your foreign currency provider will demand from you will be reinforced. To rephrase it, they may ask you to prove the origin of your Euros or your business documentation, etc.

Yet up to euros per calendar quarter, the Spanish travel money suppliers do not usually ask you for more than the Spanish ID card (DNI or NIE) to purchase dollars from Fiji.

Where to obtain and where not to purchase dollars in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Cambiator does not recommend ordering dollars at the Spanish airports. This should be your last choice, as it is the most expensive.

We also do not recommend changing your dollars in a Spanish bank because literally all Spanish banks apply to you a 3% commission, with a minimum (whichever is higher) amount between 6 and 10 euros. Lest you have the power to negotiate with your bank removing the commission.

Is the online purchase of dollars from Fiji safe in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Indeed. In the same way that you acquire a super expensive mobile on Amazon, you can find dollars from Fiji in the online store of travel money provider that does home delivery.

Furthermore, they will offer you the possibility of booking online and picking up the dollars from Fiji at one of their branches. Some providers will ask you to pay in advance with a card and others will allow you to pay directly at the store.

When is the best time to order Fiji dollars? Abrir Respuesta

There is no best time to purchase Fiji dollars because the euro to Fiji dollar rates change continously depending on the strengths of the economies of the Euro countries with respect to the countries that use Fiji dollars.

It is, nevertheless, advisable to pay attention to events like Brexit, major sporting events or armed conflicts, where the rates of a currency can be altered upwards or downwards with respect to the Euro.

Although no one can predict how the Euro to Fiji dollar rates will progress, at Cambiator we help you to obtain Fiji dollars at the best price of the day in Spain.

I have changed Euros to dollars FJD, what do I do with my leftover dollars FJD on my way back from a holiday? Abrir Respuesta

All foreign currency providers in Spain dedicate to the purchase and sale of foreign exchange. If you get back with dollars FJD left over upon return to Spain, you just have to go to Cambiator.es and select our Sell your currency tab in the top menu.

Then indicate your city of residence and we will display the amount of Euros the different travel money providers will offer on the day in your city for your leftover dollars FJD.

Bear in mind that they will only buy you dollars FJD banknotes but not loose change.

Is it recommendable to make an online purchase or reservation of dollars in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

The economical dollars prices are normally found when you ask for them online to receive them at home. You can also benefit from interesting prices online by choosing the collect in store alternative near you.

As for Spanish banks, almost neither of them allow for online booking. In some cases let you reserve online and pick-up your dollars later that month. Nevertheless the Euro to Fiji dollar rate you will have to pay will be, that of the day of collection, not that of the day you reserved the dollars.

Do I need to carry with me any kind of ID card to purchase dollars? Abrir Respuesta

Most of the time, to acquire or change dollars, the European AML regulations require holiday money providers to know their customers (Know Your Customer (KYC)). This means that you will be asked to identify yourself as a seller or buyer with a a valid and current identity card (resident´s ID card (DNI or NIE) or passport).

How can I get the best euro to Fiji dollar exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

Knowing the best exchange rate to acquire Fiji dollars with Euros today is as easy as browsing Cambiator.es and choosing the currency you want to buy.

Please acknowledge that the prices and conditions to purchase Fiji dollars that you see on our website are guaranteed to be better than the prices you will get if you go directly to the currency supplier.

Cambiator does not recommend exchanging foreign currencies at a Spanish bank. They impose you a fee of around 2 to 3per cent as well as an exchange rate.

Exchanging travel money at the airport is always the most expensive way to buy Fiji dollars.

How does the euro to Fiji dollar currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

To appreciate how currency exchange works, think of a retail store that offers a product to you as a consumer. The retailer purchases goods from a provider known as wholesaler at a purchase price, to which it adds a profit margin.

The gap between the sell price at which the consumer buys in that branch (eg your Fiji dollars) and what it cost the store to get those Fiji dollars is the profit it obtains in that foreign exchange.

But there is a difference in foreign exchange with other activities. On balance, foreign currency banknotes (Fiji dollars in this case) rotate from consumer to consumer, that is, they are not consumed.

Consequently, it may be the case that a bank or currency supplier buys Fiji dollars from a traveler who enters Spain (gaining a margin) and those same Fiji dollars pass into your hands when you obtain that currency (new profit margin).

Where can I purchase dollars FJD in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Usually, when we want to purchase dollars FJD in Spain we only think of banks. Yet we forget that practically virtually all banks in Spain apply on you a a margin on the dollars FJD that you acquire from them, in addition to, a fixed commission of 3% (with a minimum of between 6 and 10 euros).

This makes the currency exchange more expensive and almost always it is much more recommended to exchange holiday money at currency supplier. These companies offer the alternative of obtaining your dollars FJD trough home delivery or click and collect.

As for the airport, it is always the least interesting option as it is much more expensive than the foreign exchange providers based out of the airport.

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