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At your bank

Spanish banks do not trade this currency
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At your bank

Today's average exchange rate for this foreign currency in the main banks in Spain. The euros to be paid by the bank will charge a commission of between 2.5% and 3%, with a minimum of € 6 to € 10 (the most expensive of the two). More details

Bank fees Virtually all banks in Spain charge you a more or less competitive exchange rate like the one above, in addition to a commission, every time you change currency. We show you what you get in both cases, but to get an idea, estimate a 3% with a minimum of about 10 euros.
Examples of bank commissions that await you:
  • You change € 100. Your bank charges you 6-10 € fixed (fixed commission> 2-3%).
  • You change € 500. Your bank charges you € 10-15 (2-3% commission> fixed comm).
  • You change € 1000. Your bank charges you € 20-30 (2-3% commission> fixed comm.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) EUR-XOF

Where can I acquire francs from CFA during my holidays in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Citizens only remember their bank when buying francs from CFA with euros. But we suggest that you weigh in the option of currency suppliers. And this is because nearly all Spanish banks apply on you a fixed commission of 3% (with a minimum of six to ten euros) besides a margin on the francs from CFA that you acquire from them.

On the contrary, the foreign currency providers that advertise no commission are more attractive to your purse since they do not impose on you this commission.

Cambiator compares any time for you the euro to CFA Franc currency exchange prices online and in your population so that you can pick the option that best suits you.

How does the euro to CFA Franc currency exchange work? Abrir Respuesta

The Euro to CFA Franc exchange rate is rather easy to understand. Like all markets, you have wholesalers as well as retailers.

Currency suppliers & Banks are retailers that buy from currency wholesale companies the notes they think they will be able to to offer to their customers at the wholesale exchange rate (interbank exchange rate) and mark-up their working margin.

They then sell those notes to individuals at their selling price of the day, winning that differene.

For instance, if you want to get CFA Francs, you go to a bank or currency supplier and pay the sale price of the day they announce. This rate already contains a profit margin for the currency provider.

Where to acquire and where not to buy CFA Francs in Spain Abrir Respuesta

Foreign banknotes like the CFA Franc are in every way alike in all locations: currency suppliers in your city or at the airport and your bank. If you are interested in good rates, Cambiator helps you find the best euro to CFA Franc exchange rate of the day, free of charge.

If you are looking for in convenience, in addition to a good exchange rate, you can opt for a currency service with home delivery service.

{And if you are {looking for|more interested in for security and trust, it is best to collect directly your CFA Francs at a branch near your home, office or hotel. You can find these options on this results page you are now looking at.

Is it safe to order online or click and collect francs from CFA in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

No doubt. Cambiator has followed close the the currency suppliers and banks in Spain for more than five years and we know that, depending on the currency you need, some currencies are easy to find and other exotic ones aren´t.

Normally the euro to CFA Franc price will be cheaper if you order them online home delivery or collect in store than if you go directly to the currency provider office.

How can I know the best euro to CFA Franc exchange rate today? Abrir Respuesta

Cambiator is a currency exchange comparison service that helps you buy francs at the best exchange rate of the day in Spain. Our aim is for you to save when you change currency for a trip abroad, and also on your return, if you have leftover banknotes and want to change them into euros.

To obtain the best euro to CFA Franc exchange rate of the day, select the foreign currency you want to acquire, enter the amount in Euros you want to change to francs.

By default we will show you the home-delivery francs prices. In general, you will purchase the best foreign exchange prices with us rather than directly at your bank or currency supplier.

And if, in addition, you select your province, we will show you the francs that they will give you at the currency suppliers branches for the same Euros.

Is it safe to buy online francs XOF in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

In Spain, holiday money suppliers and some banks are beginning to propose online currency exchange services to their clients with these delivery options:

a) buy and pay online and receive the currency at the office/home or withdraw it from an office of the courier company (Correos, MRW, Seur, Nacex, etc.). Some of them will allow you to pay cash on delivery when you will be delivered the order in hand.

b) place a reservation for francs XOF. Afterwards select a branch of the provider where to pick it up from (prior online payment with a card).

c) do an online reservation for francs XOF. Afterwards select an office near your home or work where to pick up and pay. In this modality, the rate you pay for your currency may be in some cases that of the day you made the online booking, and in others, that of the day you you present yourself at the branch of the currency supplier.

Go for the option that better suits you. Cambiator makes it easy for you to compare.

Is there a limit to the amount of francs that I can acquire online in Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Generally, travelers change around 700 euros to francs in Spain. If, for whatever reason, you need to purchase francs for over five thousand euros, it is advisable to contact your supplier or bank. First to get a cheaper Euro to CFA Franc exchange rate than the one you see in Cambiator. Secondly to confirm that they are authorized to offer you with the amount of personal data they have about you.

I have exchanged Euros to CFA Francs, what do I do with my remaining CFA Francs when I return to Spain? Abrir Respuesta

Find out from your foreign currency supplier if your order includesa boy back cover allowance. This means the right to give back a percentage of the CFA Francs of the initial order for free.

If you do not qualify for buyback, head to our Sell your currency tab, introduce the CFA Franc quantity you have (notes only, not loose coins) and choose your town. We will tell you the amount of Euros the different travel money providers will offer on the day in your city for your remaining CFA Francs.

Must I show any kind of identity card to buy francs XOF? Abrir Respuesta

Most of the time, when you change francs XOF at a bank store, they will already know their customers and you will only have to identify yourself as a client of your bank.

When you change francs XOF at a foreign currency provider´s branch, at the airport or on the street, you will have to provide an updated and valid ID card (passport or resident´s identity card called DNI or NIE in Spain). Bear in mind that your driver's license will not be accepted as a valid ID when changing Euros to francs XOF.

When is the best moment to order francs XOF? Abrir Respuesta

As the rates of currencies oscillate continuously with respect to each other, there is no best time to order foreign currency (in this case francs XOF).

It is recommended to pay attention to how the economy of the country whose currency you are interested in is evolving. Generally, when the country´s economy is tough, its local currency tends to depreciate with respect to the others. This means that for the same euros you would get more francs XOF.

Cambiator shows you the sell price of francs XOF, sorted from cheapest to least, so that you can decide where to buy francs XOF.

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